Moving to Denver?
4 Ways to Save Money

Let’s be honest. Moving can truly suck. It’s an overwhelming time, especially if you have kids, pets and other factors which compound the complications! So we thought these tips from Refinery29 are quite handy for your big move around the Denver metro:

Get the Timing Right

Consider moving during the winter, when movers tend to offer cheaper deals. With over 300 days of sunshine in Denver, you can move almost anytime of the year. Also schedule the movers before the end of the month when demand skyrockets. If you are moving yourself, rent the equipment (the U-haul and etc.) between Sunday through Thursday. These days offer greater equipment availability at a better cost.

Pack with Purpose

Only take with you the items and furniture which matter to you.  The less stuff you move, the more money you save. It’s totally worth your time to toss and donate your unwanted items. After all you’ll also earn some extra cash at a garage sale! Labeling your boxes with the content and the room will definitely reduce the frustration of walking through your new home trying to find the dishes.

Keep Calm & Start Early

Making decisions about moving should happen well before the big day. You’ll not only have time to find deals, but avoid the stress-inducing moments that end up costing you a pretty penny. For example take time to find a moving company you trust. Choosing the cheapest quote may end up more expensive and stressful. Some companies do not have the proper policies and staff to assure your items will make it safely to your new home!

Get It in Writing

Getting several bids from movers can work to your advantage. You need to make sure the estimate they provide is realistic. Make sure you get the quoted price in writing to avoid any inaccuracies. With a non-binding estimate, movers are required to still deliver the goods for no more than 10% above initial estimate price.

Need a moving company?

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