Four Tips for Selling Your Home
While Managing Your Kids

Let’s face it, listing your home can be one stressful undertaking, but with the right strategy, one incredible payoff. To prepare for showings, your home must be in tiptop shape. Boy can that be a challenge when you have young kids!

After all every morning, your family has to pick up hundreds of Lego pieces, wipe finger prints off the glass doors, and hide away the remains of breakfast? As parents ourselves, we know that is asking a lot out of you! So here are some tips we recommend (along with to work around your littlest residents.

Enlist your kids to help declutter.

The first step in preparing your home is to dejunk. Consider offering them an extra allowance or making it into a fun game with rewards.

Put them in charge of packing.

When it comes to packing toys, books, clothes, and games, assign your kids to pack their own stuff. Let them have fun labeling and decorating the moving boxes for extra measure. Be sure they leave out their favorite toys to play.

No pressure for perfection!

Buyers will understand your kids’ room aren’t going to be immaculate. So keep them tidy, but don’t obsess over them. Buyers will not judge your whole house over one imperfect room.

Showings are fun family outings.

As your home gets booked with tours, be prepared to take them on day trips to the library, museum, park and etc. This way your kids have something exciting to look forward to (instead of dreading having to give up their game system).

Preparing to sell your home?

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